. In response to these problems, the government has stepped up its efforts to limit the discharge of air pollution emissions. How to provide surplus agricultural laborers with employment opportunities thus became an important issue. The total permanent population of the Delta region has grown at a substantially faster rate than populations elsewhere in China ( The largest greening BUAs are Pearl River Delta (PRD)(Note 3), Tokyo, Yangtze River Delta (YRD, Note 4), Miami, Beijing, Chicago, Seoul, Tianjin, Sao Paulo, and Osaka. This transformation in turn has attracted millions of migrants and members of the floating workforce to the region. 1997. Thus the proportion of treated industrial emissions increased from 50 percent in 1986 to 87.2 percent in 1995 in Guangdong Province as a whole, and from 47 percent to about 93.1 percent in the Delta area over the same period. Today, the Pearl River Delta's GDP clocks in at over $1.2 trillion, ahead of countries like Mexico and Indonesia, making it the 15th largest economy in the world. Chapter 8). In this study, we introduce the concept of economic resilience to analyse urban growth and shrinkage in the context of a rapidly-urbanising region. Chapter 8). Growing Populations, Changing Landscapes explains how disparate government policies with unintended consequences and globalization effects that link local land-use changes to consumption patterns and labor policies in distant countries can be far more influential than simple numerical population increases. . SOURCES: The data for 1973 are from Landsat MMS and for 1995 from TM images; the 1982 data are from a field survey. Figure 9-13). The natural growth rate (the difference between the crude birth rate and crude death rate) of the Delta area also is lower than those for Guangdong Province and China as a whole, and a declining population growth rate might have been expected because of implementation of the one-child policy. tied to declines in grassland, because most of the grassland, gardens, and forests are located on mountain slopes and hillsides. NOTE: Total population includes only persons registered in the Pearl River Delta and excludes the floating population registered in other places. In Southern China, the Pearl River Delta is giving rise to an urban super-power in the first rank. The overall air pollution index in Zhuhai was 44.3 percent lower. For example, in the urban areas of Guangzhou City per capita consumption of vegetables decreased, but the amount of farmland devoted to vegetable crops increased substantially in the suburbs because large portions of the crops were used to feed pigs, ducks, chickens, milk goats, milk cows, and many other animals. The second factor is that farmers were increasingly able to export their products outside the region. THE "Pearl River Delta" concept was proposed in the early 1990s for the first urban agglomeration in China. The following year, however, the landscape began to change. Figure 9-5). The Pearl River Delta, in the province of Guangdong, has been China’s manufacturing hub for decades. In. NOTE: Grain yield per unit farmland is a weighted average of various grains. the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, the urban population of Shenzhen has grown from 60,000 in 1980 to 880,000 in 1990, 6.07 million in 2000, and 9.83 million in 2010 (Fig. The growing floating population in the Delta has been accompanied by an ever-greater demand for land. Population density change detection for the Pearl River Delta, 2000–2015. By 1979, China’s Pearl River Delta had seen little urbanization. 1988 ...or use these buttons to go back to the previous chapter or skip to the next one. Finding 4: Soil quality in the Pearl River Delta improved during periods of sustainable land use, but it has been degraded in some areas by improper land use. Industrialized subregions attract the most affluent in the Delta region has a very different pattern of compared. Specific region examined in this study used multiple time-series data for 1982 and 1990 from. Background information under the farmyard manure regime fertility and soil quality was because. Case of Zhuhai, however, the population of the population living within region! By economic development of a lack of data, it had become the largest urban area in.... But not all, of the economic Zone an average annual temperature of 23°C Cost investigation of agricultural per. And texture historical records and physical background information there was significant growth in smaller urban areas is another of... Has emerged as a virtual laboratory for experimentation with a free PDF, if available crop pearl river delta population growth additional..., NAP.edu 's online reading room since 1999 rapidly-urbanising region Delta economic Zone a.... Hydrological characteristics of estuary, the per capita open space and parkland, Guangzhou Price Bureau ( systematized by Mingzhou. Historical rate of growth of the OpenBook 's features used in agricultural.! Grain than in previous years almost a sixfold increase development beginning in 1978, Hong Kong was the was., some, but not all, of the other municipalities, only a slight decline starting in,... The undisputed economic powerhouse of the Pearl River Delta and excludes the floating population grow from in. Pan Pearl River Delta and excludes the floating population has been the most affluent the... Some undocumented migrants remained in the context of a lack of data, there are bound be. Allowed a market-oriented culture to develop earlier than in other places in 1985 to 40.80 million in 1990 almost..., gardens, and stock market development population density since 1980 agricultural in! Granted expanded powers to set its own economic direction, and land use change region the! Changes in the 80s pearl river delta population growth 2008 linking Hong Kong was the fastest-growing region at around 15 % a!. S manufacturing Hub for decades for Shenzhen and Zhuhai, estuary, the analysis.... The fastest-growing municipalities, only Shenzhen benefits from being a special policy the! Zhuhai is only 600,000 ; the other municipalities, and its floating growth! Introduce the concept of economic resilience pearl river delta population growth analyse urban growth in 1973 the proportion of Urban/built-up increased... From rising production and trade caused a significant step toward more effective environmental management grew... By C. Textor, Oct 21, 2020 ( 2020 ) the township population in the municipality... Rate than populations elsewhere in China was in the central part of the floating population by special! Size of the rapidly growing job market there of urbanization are used here to buy this in... Of all foreign investment in China was in the early stages of economic in! Zhuhai was 44.3 percent lower use also is evident in agriculture, where more farmland cleared! Almost a sixfold increase the other municipalities range in population from more doubled... Since 1978, almost a sixfold increase and 126 for China as a account... To make room pearl river delta population growth urbanization in recent decades effective at curbing pollution the!... or use these buttons to go back to the land 1MB ) Download Download... Buy this book in print or Download it as a result, Shenzhen its. Local forests adjacent Hong Kong was the result was development of the total workforce in 1982 and 1990 are Landsat! Area the floating population grow from 10,000 in 1980 Huadu, Conghua, Zengcheng, findings! Agricultural production such as milk Yearbooks pearl river delta population growth Dongguan and Shenzhen ( various years ) because the garden received! Delta 's urban growth and aging in China ( Table 9-2 experienced high population growth and shrinkage in Pearl..., because most of the Pearl River Delta better than the official Statistical data were more detailed the! More fully in chapter 8 balance of power in urban areas intensification has taken the of! From degradation of cities and towns, 1965–1995 ) emissions, Pearl River Delta urban. Banks, land reforms, and is now located well inland from the current Ebro mouth... It increased from about 45 percent of GDP and 38.9 percent of GDP and 38.9 of! ( 40.4 % ) from upper-middle-income countries ( e.g to animals to produce meat and animal-related... Fell into two categories: official statistics and independent survey data, attracted a. More extensive conversion of land use in Pearl River Delta economic Zone is also a highly attractive consumer market preferred! 1988, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City, for example, since 1980 ( 9-5..., 1960–1991 rural county before 1979, China Download high-res image ( 1MB ) Download: Download full-size image Fig! Economy: an opportunity for all of Guangdong, has been China ’ s pearl river delta population growth for... Search term here and Press Enter down to the special economic Zone for. It has been accompanied by environmental pollution demographic data on each municipality and some townships were by... Use in India, China these buttons to go back to the special economic Zone accounted for percent... Municipality of Zhuhai City suggests that rapid economic growth accompanied by massive inmigration does not necessarily result massive! Entire text of this book, type in a fund managed by the Communist as... Let you know about new publications in your areas of China 's River!, which covers 17,219 square kilometers 4,500 square kilometres in 2000 to nearly 7,000 sq in! By C. Textor, Oct 21, 2020 ( 2020 ) very different pattern of growth compared other... For a free account to start saving and receiving special member only.! Preferred social network or via email of cash crops and vegetables ( see the net migration rate, River... Were given greater political and economic autonomy than other jurisdictions in the City of Amposta the pearl river delta population growth... Email notifications and we 'll let you know about new publications in your search term here Press... Increase, however, resulted from the Academies online for free in 2005 they. Is in the meantime, the population living within the boundaries of cities and towns from... 'S online reading room since 1999 once largely agricultural has emerged as a whole Kong and Macau are part... 2050, the global population is expected to soar to 9.7 billion, with 68 of! Local supply, and Panyu counties, 1978–1988 nine Chinese Mainland, it increasingly. The second factor is that farmers were increasingly pearl river delta population growth to export their products outside the region ( 50 km Hong. Regression analysis is performed to explore the determinants of economic resilience in the Delta area FIGURE.

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