The most Star families were found in the USA in 1880. The Gold Star signified the family's pride in the loved one's sacrifice rather than the mourning of their personal loss. the gold star was first used on service flags during world war i. a blue star designated an immediate family member was serving in the military. Blue Star Mothers of America are a 501©3 Veterans Service Organization (VSO). Blue Star Families also works directly with the Department of Defense and senior members of local, State and Federal government to bring the most important military family issues to light. For parent/child relationship, a … One, two and three stars were common, but each flag could hold up to six stars. Blue Star Families sacrifice so much – like normalcy and time with their loved ones – and deserve to be honored and supported. Blue Star Family. The gold star banner is used in much the same way as the blue star banner. The term Gold Star family is a modern reference that comes from the Service Flag. Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. (BSMA), is a private nonprofit organization in the United States that provides support for mothers who have sons or daughters in active service in the U.S. Armed Forces.It was originally formed during World War II.The name came from the custom of families of servicemen hanging a banner called a Service Flag in a window of their homes. Provide a written statement by the service member indicating the family relationship with the registrant. A Gold Star family is one honored by the military for the service of soldier who was killed in action. The star was replaced (or covered) with a gold star (in practice, yellow or dark yellow) if the family member … The Blue Star Family License Plate is now available. - Member’s military ID card - A letter from their unit commander on official letterhead stating the family member’s current status as a member of the U.S. armed forces; and. The flag or banner is officially defined as a white field with a red border, with a blue star for each family member serving in the Armed Forces of the United States during any period of war or hostilities. When the unfortunate news of a family member’s death is delivered, the blue star is replaced by a gold one. The blue star of the Service lapel button worn by members of the immediate family shall signify that one or more Service members are serving in the Armed Forces of the United States under the conditions specified above, for service flags. Read about what it means to be a Blue Star Family and how the USO fights to keep them connected to their service member throughout their military career. This plate is issued to a person who has an immediate family member serving in the United States Armed Forces or in forces incorporated as part of the United States Armed Forces. Fundraising plates can only be used on passenger cars, pickup trucks, vans, and motor homes. Each family was entitled to hang a small Son In Service flag in their window, the blue star in the center of the red-bordered white rectangle signified a family member in active service. A service flag or service banner is a banner that family members of those serving in the United States Armed Forces can display. Blue Star Family Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 members Finding strength together as a community, Blue Star Family’s keep the memory of their Spouse, Sons, Daughters, Brothers and Sisters alive… This was about 19% of all the recorded Star's in the USA. Our holiday hours are: Dec. 24- open until 4pm Dec. 25- Closed If you ever see a gold star banner, you know the family has had a … They are non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-discriminatory and non-profit organization. During a Sept. 29 Blue Star ceremony, Franklin Park American Legion Post #974 honored five families who have a family member currently serving in … Blue Star Families also works directly with the Department of Defense and senior members of local, State and Federal government to bring the most important military family issues to light. Pennsylvania had the highest population of Star families in 1840. Blue Star Community Program. >> Got a question about the news? Gold stars are placed above the blue stars or to the top right of the flag, in the event a flag represents multiple servicemembers. Each family member serving was represented on the flag with a blue star. If a serviceman dies, the blue star may be replaced by a gold star. The banner design was simple, a white flag with a red border and a single blue star for each family member in Service. These flags/banners were first flown by families during World War I. The phrase “Gold Star Family,” dates back to World War I, when military families displayed service flags featuring a blue star for every immediate family member serving in the Armed Forces.The star’s color would be changed to gold if the family lost a loved one in the war, hence the term, “Gold Star Family.” A gold star is displayed if a service member is killed in action or dies in service. Their mission is simple:--Support fellow members.--Support our sons, daughters and other family members who are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. If the individual is killed or dies, a smaller golden star is placed over it. In the military, a blue star comes from the symbol on the service flag used to denote a family member who is serving. Many Gold Star families wear the Gold Star lapel pin to signify their pride. Blue stars used on service flags denote a United States service member fighting in a war Blue Star Memorial Highway , a system of highway markers honoring veterans Blue Star Mothers Club , a non-profit military support group USAG Alaska Family and MWR recognizes the sacrifices Soldiers and their Family Members make every day. From our Blue Star family to yours, we want to wish everyone a merry Christmas!!! The Star family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. is a nonpartisan, nonsectarian, nondiscriminatory and non-profit organization. The flags were meant to show how many members of that family were in military service. The Blue Star flag program has its origins in World War I when families with deployed soldiers and sailors would display a flag to commemorate their family member’s active service. If several stars are displayed by one family the gold star takes the honor of being placed at the top. 2. If the soldiers represented by the Blue Stars died in active duty, the star was covered with a Gold Star; on the flag, you can still see the blue outline around the gold. The blue star symbolizes the family member on active duty. Blue Star Mothers A Mother or Stepmother (since the child was of the age of 13) who has a son or daughter who is serving, or has been honorably discharged from the … There are also Silver Star and Blue Star families. Blue Star Mothers of America is a nonprofit, nonpartisan group of mothers who have children in the military or honorably discharged. Blue Star Family Members have active duty military family members currently serving in the armed forces. Each blue star on the flag represents a service member in active duty. Whether they were active duty, reserve, or retired from the military, the sole purpose of this program is to honor those service members and provide proper care and support to the families. Starting in World War I, the families of US soldiers and sailors often flew flags that had a blue star for each member of the family that was serving in the military. In 1840 there were 15 Star families living in Pennsylvania.

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